Through the Ages

Craft Fairs are labors of love for those who organize them and those artisans who participate in them. It’s a wonderful mutual effort to bring joy and satisfaction to those who create such unique handmade goods and to those who receive them. Local craft fairs & our own Massachusetts attractions & entertainment have had a way of transcending through the ages. Despite whatever may be going on economically around us,  there are those of us who will always come out for the delight and pure pleasure that occurs in the many positive exchanges at the craft fair. It inspires nostaglia for the trade markets that are so deeply rooted in American history, and draws us into the dreams and hopes of every talented artisan.

The Ability to Reach Out to Your Favorite Craft Fair Vendors Any Time of the Year

Life is too short not to be able to easily access those simple pleasures that came from something you got from your favorite artisan. Whether it be their jams & jellies, or some other scrumptious delight, or their unique styled home goods, jewelry, accessories, apparel, or pet supplies, supporting them while helping you find your happy is what is all about.

Tools of Our Trade Keytags

The biggest lie we often tell ourselves is "I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it." We took the liberty of creating our keytags with our website information in bold print on one side, and incorporated a QR code on the other for those technically savy people who want to just scan and land on our web site. Either way you'll always have your favorite craft vendors information at your fingertips (literally) when you take advantage by putting our keytag on your keyring. So often we lose their business cards despite our best intentions to set it aside because we knew how much we loved their stuff only to dissappoint ourselves when we couldn't find the card or them. In this hustle bustle world we're living in we need all the organizing assistance we can get!

Local Commerce

About the People For the People

Among my years of organizing and participating in craft fairs I've always loved the various exchanges I'm able to have with so many wonderful folks. The collection of so many creative souls and minds breaths such fresh excitement into the atmosphere. I love hearing the stories behind the various creations, revelations full of passion and artistry. Often crafters like the concept of keeping things simple. They prefer the one on one sales exchange over the heavy of running an online check out process. We’re so pleased to provide an avenue that allows for a broad range of connection between local crafters and their patrons.

In All Seasons

Just the Thing You've Been Looking For

What's so ideal about this site is that when you're searching for that something special for someone you can always access a truly unique and seasonal item. Our favorite craft fair vendors provide memorable gifts. So many provide personalization to items you know you already love from them. The great thing about the one on one connection is that your artisan can help you come up with a creation that's just perfect for the occasion or that special someone. How about calling your favorite honey supplier all year long, we all know there's something magical in local honey. Actually that's what makes all these crafters extra special, you can choose to support and enjoy your local artisans and their inspired creations.

Next Steps...

Surf our site, find your favorite vendor, get listed on our site, recommend someone to it, page through and enjoy being introduced to or reunited with a talented and great group of craft artisans!